Data Stewards Society

Since its launch in 2020, we have been fortunate to work with leaders from more than 50 countries. Despite their diverse titles and industries, data stewards everywhere share a common goal - to maximize the positive impact of data re-use.

The Data Stewards Society represents a growing network of accomplished alumni who have graduated from various Data Stewards Academy courses throughout the years.

“The course allowed me to improve my knowledge about open data and especially how to connect data needs with resources, as well as to develop a data stewardship strategy to apply in the projects that I manage…It was also an opportunity to expand my network of professional contacts with the possibility of exploring future collaborations”

-- Eduardo Béjar Feijoó, Executive Director, Fundación de Ayuda por Internet (FUNDAPI)

“This course is a wonderful resource for any organization considering creating, expanding or refining data use strategies and processes…The course combines methodology and application for an immediate ‘return on investment’ at all stages of data use strategy and implementation”

-- Karen Hampton, All Payer Claims Program Manager, Oregon Health Authority

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